Saul Williams: Reznor pettyi, koska Reznor on oldschool

Cnet jatkaa Williams/Reznor-kaksikosta Williamsin haastattelulla.

”I think Trent’s disappointment probably stems from being in the music business for over 20 years and remembering a time that was very different, when sales reflected something different, when there was no such thing as downloads. Trent is from another school. Even acts that prospered in the ’90s, you look at people like the Fugees or Lauren Hill selling 18 million copies. That sort of thing is unheard of today. But Trent comes from that world. So I think his disappointed stems from being heavily invested in the past. For modern times, for modern numbers we’re looking great, especially for being just two months into a project.”

Jos Reznor on Williamsin mielestä oldschool, millaisiakohan ovat Williamsin mielestä sitten keskivertojampat, jotka eivät laita levyä nettiin ilmaiseksi ladattavaksi?